Published Writing

Although I primarily write comedy and satire, I do occasionally branch out into other genres, at least for the duration of a short story. I have yet to finish a non-comedic novel that I’ve started, and trust me, I’ve started a shameful amount of them.


The Fraud is the first novel that I actually completed as well as the first one published.

Wimbledon, Kentucky is now available in hardcopy and for Kindle. Click here to view.

The French, the sequel to The Fraud, is also currently undergoing revision.

Short Stories

“I Don’t Love You Anymore”
–Drama/Dark Comedy–
Jack puzzles over why his ex-girlfriend Rachel would intentionally lie to him about having fallen out of love.
First published in the 2008 Persona Literary Journal.

“It Goes Round and Round”
–Drama/Ghost Story–
A mother of a victimized daughter struggles with a lack of income and her daughter’s claim of a paranormal experience.
First published in the 2010 Words Work Literacy Journal. Read it here.